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About Us

The Bay and Basin Citizen Science Club was initiated in early 2022 by Our Future Shoalhaven Inc. to empower local people to come together and participate in citizen science projects and compile scientific evidence about issues pertaining to the natural sciences within the Bay and Basin area of the Shoalhaven, NSW Australia. Membership is open to any individual who supports our mission and objectives.

Our marine and coastal environments are precious and irreplaceable. Let's be proactive.
Our Mission

Gain a greater understanding of the interactions between human activities and the natural environment in the Bay and Basin area.

Build knowledge and community support to maintain and improve the natural environment for current and future generations.

Our Objectives

Bring together people from all backgrounds and fields of interest in a spirit of respect and valuing all knowledge.

Enable cross-generational sharing of knowledge of, and aspirations for, the natural environment.


Promote and undertake projects to analyse existing data and knowledge, and collect new data.


Communicate with the public, schools and media regarding our findings and activities.


Maintain required resources to achieve our mission

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