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Marine Biologist

Other Projects

There are many citizen science projects currently underway around Australia. Some are of particular relevance to the Bay & Basin. The projects below offer the opportunity for you to participate in important citizen science and contribute data from our local area.

Australasian Fishes

The Australasian Fishes project allows you to upload, identify and comment on observations of Australian and New Zealand fishes. The project is a collaboration between the public, industry partners and professional ichthyologists at a number of Australian and New Zealand museums and other fish-related institutions. The site is building up an extensive 'image library' that can be used to identify fishes, to map their distributions, to investigate changes in growth, pattern and shape with growth and other issues.


Community beach monitoring, CoastSnap is a global citizen science project to capture our changing coastlines. 

Red Eye Frog
Frog ID

FrogID is a national citizen science project that is helping us learn more about what is happening to Australia’s frogs. All around the country, people are recording frog calls with nothing more than a smartphone.

Waterbug Blitz

The National Waterbug Blitz is Australia’s first nationwide waterway monitoring event. 

Each year, Australians are encouraged to become ‘citizen scientists’ and investigate how healthy their local waterways and wetlands are, simply by exploring and identifying what waterbugs they contain.  The type and number of waterbugs found in a waterway can tell us a lot about how healthy that waterway is.


The Australian Microplastic Assessment Project is calling on volunteer citizen scientists to monitor and record microplastic pollution on Australian shorelines. AUSMAP is using this data to create vivid maps of microplastic pollution hotspots around Australia. This work will enable communities and government to implement behaviour change, regulate industry, and

develop better waste management systems.




A CSIRO citizen science project that aims to use measurements of water colour to understand changes in water quality.

Whale Research_edited.jpg
ORRCA Whale Research

The Organisation for the Rescue and Research of Cetaceans in Australia undertakes annual research during whale migration season. This year's annual Great Whale Census Day is on 24 June 2022. You can also assist with observation throughout the 2022 Northern Journey from 30th May to 31st July, 2022 and the Southern Journey from 26th September to 30th October, 2022. Visit their website to learn more and download a log sheet.


Seagrass-Watch global seagrass observing network monitors the status and trends in seagrass condition. Their mission is to raise awareness on the condition and trend of nearshore seagrass ecosystems, provide an early warning of major coastal environment changes and to protect the valuable seagrass meadows along our coasts.

Wild Orchid Watch

Wild Orchid Watch (WOW) is a national citizen science project designed to collect, record and share scientific information about Australian native orchids.

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