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Eastern curlews

Our Projects

We are currently working on two initiatives  - monitoring and collecting data from our waterways, and monitoring and recording microplastics pollution on Jervis Bay shoreline. If you'd like to help and get involved, contact us


Waterwatch is a national citizen science program engaging communities in monitoring and protecting the health of local waterways.

Bay & Basin Citizen Science has formally joined the program and are regularly monitoring our local waterways and collecting data. We are focusing on key locations including Moona Creek, Currambene Creek and St Georges Basin.

Our data is uploaded and stored to a centralised database on the Atlas of Living Australia. All data is verified by a Waterwatch Coordinator or officer.


The Australian Microplastic Assessment Project calls on volunteer citizen scientists to monitor and record microplastic pollution on Australian shorelines. AUSMAP is using this data to create vivid maps of microplastic pollution hotspots around Australia. This work will enable communities and government to implement behaviour change, regulate industry, and develop better waste management systems. 

Bay & Basin Citizen scientists are monitoring and reporting on beaches in Jervis Bay.

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